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In 1960, a new international association of pump manufacturers in Western Europe (EUROPUMP) was established aiming to represent common trade, standardisation and technical interests of European pump manufacturers. The core of this association was formed by the national associations of French and German pump manufacturers, joined by Italian and Belgian associations. Some other countries from Western Europe with an advanced pump industry joined EUROPUMP during the 1960s and 1970s. After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 EUROPUMP became open also for the countries from the former socialist block. The representatives of the Czech and Slovak pump manufacturers participated - as  guests - in the EUROPUMP meeting in French Biarritz in 1990. The Europump membership requirements for Czech and Slovak pump manufacturers were explained and the main requirement was the need to establish a national association. Accordingly in September 1990 the Czech and Slovak Pump Manufacturers Association came into existence and in the following year it was accepted as a regular member of EUROPUPM during the EUROPUMP meeting in Italian Venice. After the breakup of the common Czech and Slovak Republic, the national association changed its name and as the Czech Pump Manufacturers Association it now only represents the interests of the Czech manufacturers.

Registered office

The Czech Pump Manufacturers Association (CPMA) represents pump companies active in the Czech Republic.

The registered office of the Association is Lutín, J. Sigmunda street, No. 79, ZIP 783 50.


The main mission of CPMA is:

  • to monitor and analyse structural aspects of all common interests in the scientific, technical, educational and economic spheres, to search for common problems in the spheres mentioned above and to help to find their solution,
  • to support the activities of its members by means of necessary information, to coordinate members’ approach to dealing with problems, to assist forming members’ opinion and standpoints and to transfer these views to the standpoints of CPMA regarding other bodies or international organisations respectively,
  • through its commissions to prepare working plans in the spheres mentioned above and in other important spheres,
  • to organise and maintain contacts with other pump manufacturers associated with EUROPUMP as well as pump manufacturers outside this association and with other organisations.

CPMA does not have any commercial objectives and does not interfere in any competitive matters of its members.

Bodies of the association

The regular bodies of the association are:

  • general assembly
  • executive committee
  • president
  • general secretary
  • commissions
  • supervisory board

Members of the Association